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About Chris- 

After playing on the east coast. Chris coached for Kelly Post- Lacrosse's Premiere and First Youth Program in the Country. Working with U9, U11, Middle School and High School aged programs in the area Chris learned to look at the bigger picture and learned from the best. He delved into what it is to be a coach, and the privilege and responsibility that comes with it. Chris surrounds himself with only the best teachers of the game. He has two young boys Dylan 12 and Kirran 6 who have been playing for years, as well as his wife Joanna who grew up playing in Maryland too. Baby Sydney their 5 month old daughter will be given a stick as soon as she can crawl. 

What makes Chris's approach unique is that he treats the players as if they were his own kids. Lacrosse is so new out in Orange County that many coaches simply never laid down roots or had children of their own yet. It gives you a entirely different perspective on how to coach any sport once you've raised a family.

We grew up in neighborhoods where every other house had a lacrosse goal in the yard. It is a way of life in Maryland and I want to pass on the traditions to where we call home now, South Orange County.

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